Menthol Crystal (IP/BP/USP)

  • CAS No. : 2216 – 51 – 5

Menthol Crystal (IP/BP/USP)

Searching for Menthol Crystal (IP/BP/USP)? Menthol Crystal Bold are large crystals obtained from Mentha arvensis oil, it is the purest form of L-Menthol (99%). It gives a cooling sensation and is used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, FMCG (chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.), Tobacco.

Over-the-counter medications for momentary alleviation of minor throat irritation and soreness. as a pruritic to lessen the irritation. It is used alone or in combination with substances like camphor, eucalyptus oil, or capsaicin as a topical analgesic to treat mild aches and pains like headaches, sprains, and muscular cramps. While patches and body sleeves are commonly used in the US, it typically takes the form of a gel or cream in Europe. as a tool for improving transdermal medication delivery's penetration. in nasal and chest decongestants (cream, patch, or nose inhaler). As it gives a cooling sensation, it is found in some medications used to treat sunburns. (then often associated with aloe). To alleviate razor burn, in aftershave products.

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