• CAS No. : 57044-25-4

R Glycidol (57044-25-4) manufacturer in India

Searching for R-Glycidol in India (CAS no:65031-96-1)? Our company is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying only the best and high chiral purity pharmaceutical & speciality chemicals in India, across various cities such as Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam. Whenever it comes to availing R-Glycidol, our name comes first in the minds of people who are familiar with our premium products. We have up to 99.9% chiral purity available and we can always customize our product as per the requirements of the customers’ specifications. We maintain great quality and hygiene in every product that goes out of our facility. Everything is done as per the standards set by the relevant authorities such as cGMP and ISO 9001.

The various uses associated with our products include APIs such as Linezolid, Rivaroxaban, Pretomanid, Tenofovir, and Indinavir. Our intermediates have made them highly demanded both among individual customers as well as big companies that use them in one or the other form. Our products (such as Glycidol) are used prominently in several polymer industries as well. The unmatched quality of our products has made us one of the eminent R-Glycidol Manufacturers in India and we are dedicated to maintain that position.

Aggarwwal Exports is also recognized as one of the topmost & Certified R-Glycidol manufacturer and Suppliers across the globe. If you want to buy this product, either give us a call on+91-9837035981 or email pranjal@agexpharma.com